Monday, April 1, 2013

Total Recall (2012) Review

Coming into this one I was very skeptical but I still wanted to give it a chance to surprise me. The first hour of this movie is actually alright if you don't mind Colin Farrell's terrible fake american accent. The locations look very futuristic and very cool. Although this movie seems to love it's lens flare. After the first hour it's all down hill, sure the action is there but the dialog is just terrible. Everything feels very stretched especially the last 30 minutes. The movie just keeps dragging, I get that you want to have a final fight scene but when you start to force it and you see it coming a mile away it just doesn't fit. *SPOILERS* In the final fight the bad guy runs away from a turret with a pistol in his hand and then a moment later he comes back to fight Colin Farrell with a knife. Why did he throw away his gun? I have no idea. Also the movie's ending would have been more heroic and better if the main character had died in the arms of another character. But no, instead of that we the scene fades to black and then the main character is in an ambulance and has quick fight the with the evil female character that lasts about 15 seconds.*SPOILERS* Would I recommend this movie to someone? No. I mean it's OK if you stop watching after the first hour but that's about it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3 - PS3 Review

After seeing the first trailer for this game I got excited for it. Finally something else than Italy! But I didn't want to hype myself up too much because I wasn't a big fan of Brotherhood(the previous game that I played in this franchise). The first five seconds of the game is you walking 10 feet and seeing a cut scene then you walk another ten feet and another cutscene also I noticed that I can bearly hear the other character's voices. Their lips don't move(not even during cutscenes). I gave it a pass..ok fine the previous ones had this too nothing to worry about. Then I go to the 1700s and I start playing. Same thing there and also the first 4-6 hours of this game are bunch of tutorials(80% of these missions contain at least four separate spots where you have to press circle to open a door and see a cutscene the walk ten feet press circle again and see a cutscene).The other half of the game that isn't tutorials is enjoyable although the ship battles aren't fun. The framerate jumps from 15-30 very frequently but usually when everything goes perfect it stays at 25-30 fps and in areas where there are nothing but a windmill and a tree it goes to 60 fps which make the game look really nice. The scripting broke for me in two missions and I had to restart from a checkpoint.The fighting seems worse than in the previous games(I didn't play Revelations so maybe they made it worse there). They obviously tried to go for the Batman Arkham Asylum style "flow fighting" and they fail at it. Jumping on rooftops isn't as fun as it used to be and sometimes you can't climb to a roof from a certain angle for some reason. The multiplayer is still fun but you have to make a Uplay account so that you can play it. The only person I'd recommend this game to is someone who wants to see how "the trilogy" ends.